MISTA MISTA is a rising trap star out of Texas working his grind in the digital world. He describes himself in his words “I am a real Tru music lover!!! Tru song writer, and entertainer…”.

Many blessings have been opened recently as the rising trap star begins his journey creating his world debut. Currently he has released a new video single that has been getting hot and growing in the streetsĀ “Pushaman” Mista Mista ft. Pimpin Pen.

The catchy track caught the attention of Texas AFFLUENT RECORDS A&R Rep & In House Producer Chamberlain Jay who then brought it to the attention of CEO OSCAR SANCHEZ. “I loved the track I thought it was very catchy, I could see the potential and also the grind Mista Mista was putting behind his name so I opened the door to create and album with him and debut it on AFFLUENT RECORDS FALL/WINTER 2017, says Sanchez.

Up to now Mista’s first taste of success was when he put out the JAWBREAKER Mixtape in 2015. From that tape a track entitled PAIN ft. IMANI went #1 on XMRADIO for 3months. This is what lead him to focus on his drive even further.

Today Mista is currently in the studio working on that debut album and also performing at select locals. For more information contact Chamberlain Jay at thegoodlifesound@gmail.com